Melayu Hina Cina Dayak India Agama Islam Kristian Hindu. Islam came to steal, kill (behead) and destroy.

Malays misunderstand you. They think you insult Islam. No, you do not Insult Islam. Islam has many races: Chinese, Indians, Malays etc. Malays have many beliefs.  Malays are not Muslims. Malay is a race.   Muslim politicians are insecure with non-Muslim and non-Muslim Malays.
There are Malays who are agnostic, do not pray or belief in a mixture of Qu'ran and pagan beliefs in bomoh i.e. witchcraft. Some have converted out of Islam, become apostates or freethinkers.

You insult Malays who insult Islam by their bad behavior. They borrow money and do not return it [Datuk Tahir Ramli still owes you money]. They rape and kill Chinese and other girls. They insult other people's religion. They want to kill people according to some perverted teachings - 'sembelih, tentang, memerangi'. They curse others with 'sumpah latnatullah' 'and 'mampus'.

There are good people, and there are bad people.  The bad ones you insult. Ibrahim Ali dan Zulkifli Noordin insulted the Christians and Hindus. They wield the 'keris' Malay dagger provoking the killing of other races especially the Chinese - ask Hishammuddin and Najib.

Zalim (Cruelty): Bunuh (Kill) Melayu Memali 1985, Bunuh Cina 1969, Bunuh India, Bunuh Mongolia.  The King, PM, AG and IGP do not care who killed Altantuya.  They do not care for justice.  Justice is dead in Malaysia.  JIM-Jemaah ISIS Malaysia are calling for the beheading of Dayaks on Facebook postings.

Rogol (rape) Cina, Kristian, Indonesia, Melayu Islam.  Many Malays become rape victims by Muslim themselves. [because of perverted teachings of 'taking the woman by the right hand' or 'woman is booty and fair game']

Zalim pemerintah (cruel leaders), tak berperikemanusian (inhumane), tak hormat demokrasi (disrespect for democracy), tiada bebas beragama (no freedom of religion).  Paksa orang Melayu kembali ke Islam tak boleh keluar agama (force Malays back into Islam) - ugut bunuh (threaten with death because of some perverted teachings of killing apostates).

Rasuah (corruption): Tipu duit rakyat (cheat the citizen of their money).  KWSP, LTAT, Tabung Haji, Duit Kebajikan, 1MDB

To say a Malay is Islam, Chinese Buddhist and Indian Hindu is stereotyping and politically incorrect. People have converted in and out of any particular religion.  Many are agnostics or atheists.  Some have declared becoming apostates. Many are hypocrites; outwardly looking holy but are declared rapists. [they appear in court wearing skullcaps and denying rape].  Is this the No.1 religion for rapists in US? Malaysia? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Syria? Lebanon? Egypt? Indonesia? Iraq? Sweden, UK, Singapore, Nigeria, Sudan, Muslim States?

Is this the No.1 religion for suicide bombers?
There had been >20,000 terrorist attacks since the 911 bombings.

[GRAPHIC] Footage of Actual Muslim Slaughterhouse for Christians Released

Proof of actual human slaughterhouses has been uncovered, and it’s the stuff of which nightmares are made.
The slaughterhouses, much like those for butchering livestock, have been discovered in Albania, Syria, and the Balkans, in which prisoners, particularly Christians, are being used for their organs.
Perhaps the most disturbing detail of these harvests is that witnesses claim these victims are alive while being dissected.
In an interview with Theodore Shoebat, a Serbian Christian and veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia’s military gave his testimony of the horrors.
“They also kill people and sell their organs in Turkey and Saudi Arabia,” he said. “They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — in some cases Albanian people — and they take their organs… they torture the people and take their organs while they are still live.”
He claimed that mostly “Christian Serbs, young women, and men, and also children” are brutally slaughtered.
A European documentary confirms his story:
These dissections are reminiscent of the Nazi experiments exacted upon Jews in concentration camps. Much like Nazi Germany, Muslim terrorists take delight in their slaughter. To these Islamists, it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life.
Christians are especially targeted in Muslim countries, and many were seeing their blood sold for $100,000 each to Muslim families who believe the blood brings special powers.
In another interview, a survivor named Saif Al-Adlubi told the story of an Egyptian butcher who would examine prisoners as they awaited their execution. Because their ransoms went unpaid, they were led to their slaughter like cattle.
“He grabbed the neck of one elderly Armenian Christian”, says Al-Adlubi, which the Egyptian butcher was about to slaughter. The Egyptian butcher felt the neck of the Christian Armenian saying “you’re an aged man and your neck is soft and I don’t have to sharpen my knife for you”. Others might be more difficult depending on their physique.
Proof of such slaughterhouses was leaked by another survivor, who succeeded in recording the grisly aftermath of Muslim butchers.

Interesting article illustrating the double standard that exists regarding Islam and the hate speech that is found throughout its three sources of doctrine. Well worth the read, and not too long 
Hate Speech? 

“Muslims are the vilest of animals…”
“Show mercy to one another, but be ruthless to Muslims”
“How perverse are Muslims!”
“Strike off the heads of Muslims, as well as their fingertips”
“Fight those Muslims who are near to you”
“Muslim mischief makers should be murdered or crucified”
Hate speech?  Incitement to violence?  Sounds like it to us, but a knowledgeable Muslim would have to disagree.

Why would Muslims not consider this to be hate speech?  How is it that we can post these quotes with full certainty that CAIR won't be contacting the media (or Congress) with wild-eyed accusations of Islamophobia?

Well, for one thing, we don’t actually agree with any of these disgusting statements, of course.  No one should be harassed for their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) much less physically assaulted.

But the real reason is that we don't fear CAIR is because Muslims themselves honestly believe these quotes to be the literal, eternal word of Allah.  In fact, CAIR is promoting this hate speech on their own website!  It is actively propagating the very literature that contains these comments, even while sanctimoniously claiming that it is working against hate and violence. 

But… isn't CAIR a Muslim organization?  What’s the catch?

Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, these are quotes from the Qur’an in which we've replaced the word ‘Christian’, ‘Jew’ or ‘unbeliever’ with the word ‘Muslim.’ 

Here is how they actually appear in the literature that groups like CAIR are pushing:

Quran (8:55) - Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve 

Quran (48:29) - Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves

Quran (9:30) - And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah... Allah (Himself) fights against them. How perverse are they!

Quran (8:12) - I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them

Quran (9:123) - O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness

Quran (5:33) - The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement

These verses come from five different places in the Qur’an.  There are dozens of others scattered throughout that advocate violence in open-ended fashion.  There are hundreds more that speak of hatred and hell toward Christians, Jews, and other non-believers.   (Is it any wonder that the Muslim world is split largely between those who tacitly support Islamic terror and those who do nothing about it?) 

Very few of these verses are bound by historical context within the text of the Qur’an, and any appeal to external sources for mitigation would apply also to the tiny handful of verses that are used (disingenuously) to promote Islam as being loving and tolerant.  More importantly, there is a far greater number of violent verses than ones of tolerance, and most were “revealed” later, thus abrogating the handful of earlier ones. 

And yet, this is the book that CAIR wants people to read!  This is what CAIR considers to be holy text, even to the extent that an exact replica of the Qur’an (grammatical errors and all) is said to be on a table in heaven guarded by angels. 

So, the next time you hear CAIR smugly accusing its critics of “hate speech,” just remember what the organization's agenda really is:   

They don’t mind hate speech directed at non-Muslims.  In fact, they promote it.  
They don't mind religious minorities being denied rights that Muslims have in Muslims societies.  In fact, they plug fatwas and religious literature that encourage discrimination. 

They don't even mind the vast amount of terrorism in the name of Islam.  In fact, they refuse to specifically acknowledge and denounce more than 99% of it, including the on-going genocide against black Africans by Arabs. 

So, don't be fooled by those Muslims using new words they have recently discovered like 'bigotry' and 'hate speech'.  These mean nothing in the Islamic world, where the supremacy of Islam and  institutionalized discrimination against non-believers are taken for granted.

The language of civil rights and tolerance is merely an ironic tool of convenience for prominent Muslim organizations in the West to advance their cause of Islamic supremacy.  True civil rights organizations are concerned about rights for all people, regardless of race or religion, and this is something that Islam has never been able to produce... and probably never will...

At least according to the Qur’an!

See also: Is the Qur'an Hate Propaganda?


According to the Quran, non-believers...

Eat like beasts 47:12
Are apes 7:166, 5:60, 2:65
Are swines 5:60
Are asses 74:50
The vilest of animals in Allah's sight 8:55
Losers 2:27, 2:121, 3:85
Have a disease in their hearts 2:10, 5:52, 24:50
Are hard-hearted 39:22, 57:16
Impure of hearts 5:41
Are deaf 2:171, 6:25
Are blind 2:171, 6:25
Are dumb 2:171, 6:35, 11:29
Are niggardly 4:37, 70:21
Works shall be rendered ineffective 2:217, 47:1, 47:8
Are impure 8:37
Are scum 13:17
Are inordinate 5:68, 78:22
Are transgressors 2:26, 9:8, 46:20
Are unjust 29:49
Make mischief 16:88
Are the worst of men 98:6
Are in a state of confusion 50:5
Are the lowest of the low 95:5
Focus only on outward appearance 19:73-74
Are guilty 30:12, 77:46
Sinful liar 45:7
Follow falsehood 47:3
Deeds are like the mirage in a desert 24:39
Allah does not love them 3:32, 22:38
Allah forsakes them 32:14, 45:34
Allah brought down destruction upon them 47:10
Allah has cursed them 2:88, 48:6
Allah despises them 17:18
Allah abases them 22:18

Still sounds like hate speech to us!

So, this is Hamas. Who are they? Palestinians?/Muslims? The true story
Answering Indonesian Malaysian Islam.
Berdakwak Kepada Orang Kristen/Muslim
Q: There is no hate between us.
A: Malaysia which is part of the OIC is also part of the hate muslims have for Christians. The head of the OIC is now Turkey. The Government Of Turkey Is Now Confiscating Christian Churches And Will Be Demolishing Them. Antichrist Empire Of Turkey Is Also Planning To Slaughter All Christians
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